· About - The Park Place Cafe concept ·

We promise to carry on the legacy of Dina. She set out a decade ago to build a community cafe where friends, business' and families could come to meet and have food, drinks, disc golf, conversation and community or business meetings. Come visit us!

It's about community.

The previous owner, Dina DiNucci, has been a long time resident and community advocate in Rockwood. Her goal was to open a community space in Rockwood and offer something positive to the surrounding community. New owners Omar and Gisele Elkhal will continue to bring to you the same outstanding customer service, as well as food and drinks. At the time our community had no local coffee shops, so that was easy. But, what kind of food do you offer in a neighborhood rich in cultural diversity?

Crepes, palacinkas, blinis (to name a few).

The basic crepe is familiar to people from so many cultures. You can be reminded of home just by the ingredients you choose to add to your crepe.

What is a crepe?

Calling it a thin pancake just doesn’t describe this delicacy! Pancakes are these things that sit like lead in your stomach and only taste good with syrup! Alas, in France, crepe translates to “pancake.” A crepe is a thin wrap that can be filled with various ingredients – and all of them taste good – as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or sweet fillings can be used for dessert. You can watch them being made at the service area for a better idea of the size and method. If you doubt you will like them, we are willing to bet that once you taste them you will change your mind!

Why did we call it Park Place?

Look at the windows to the South and you will see Vance Park. This park is an area that once had a reputation for problems. If you look in the park now, you will see disc golfers, children playing, an imaginative children’s garden with butterfly pavilions behind you. It’s another positive aspect of a community whose positive qualities must be highlighted. So, if you want to find Park Place Coffee, it is next to the park, of course!

Supporting Park Place

We hope to continue as part of this community, to act as a source for good food, friends and information. To help us move forward with this goal you can show your support by signing up for emails and news, go to Urban Spoon and go to the Google review link and let people know how you feel about Park Place. And, of course, come visit us often.

· meet our barista's and chefs ·

Get to know owner Omar Elkhal & his mother, master crepe chef and barista Gisele Elkhal



Master Chef/Owner

The owner Omar has been a member of the Rockwood community since the age of 5. He has fond memories of following around his mother in the kitchen, which gave Omar a sincere love for food at a young age. Omar is a crepe extraordinaire, of course learning from his mother.



Senior Chef/Barista

Gisele was born on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. It is a French colony and she is of Middle Eastern Decent. Her love for cooking began at a young age and was influenced by a combination of her French Creole and Mediterranean upbringing. Gisele has a degree in hospitality so you can definitely expect only an inviting atmosphere. Gisele is a master crepe chef and Omar follows tightly in her footsteps.