Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Snowcap Christmas Giving Tree is up

One of the groups that meets at Park Place are working with me to sponsor a giving tree in support of Snowcap.  Today I received the attached list from the Director of Snowcap. The Portland Cup of Coffee Networkers group decorated the tree and will sponsor this effort.

The sad part of the message she sent was this was just the list of wishes from children in need who were at the food bank TODAY.  So, there are many more children the other six days of the week who also have a Christmas wish to be fulfilled.  If you would like to pick up one of these children's wishes, please come by Park Place and pick their star from the tree. If you have other items, such as food or presents to bring to Snowcap I have included their link here as well.  All gifts must be returned by December 18th.

Here is the list you'll find on the stars at Park Place:

Chad 9 Wants a dog, but apt won’t allow it. A book about dogs or the boy-dog relationship,
a nice doggie stuffed animal, a video like Benji

Michael 6 Dad is a trucker so he really enjoys playing with trucks

Ruby 4 A doll with red hair

Sue 7 Beginning to read, loves books

Lora 12 Bubble Bath, lip gloss

Deborah 13 Twilight Vampire books

Juan 6 Toy carpenter tools or workbench

Christian 8 Legos or other building toys

Eric 5 Plastic barnyard with animals, grandparents live on a farm

Jason 8 Book about Vikings or other ancient warriors

Cameron 5 Musical toy

Neal 3 Bath time toys

Abby 9 Girls mystery book

Jessica 7 Play kitchen utensils

Faye 11 Doll with different outfits

Cathy 12 Taylor Swift CD

Alicia 3 Soft book so she can play at reading

Sarah 7 Leapfrog Text & Learn

Gina 6 My First Kitchen

Estella 8 Book about immigrant girls in America

David 5 Chuck the Talking Truck (Tonka toy)

Ramon 7 Toy Walkie Talkies

Peter 10 Transformers Role Play Helmet or other transformers toy